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Montana Common Core Standards Information

Montana Common Core Standards (MCCS) Information
November 20, 2014 ....  In order to meet the requests of SAM members, the following documents are resources to assist school and district leaders with questions about the Montana Common Core Standards (MCCS) and the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) 2015.   The resources were gathered from a number of sources and are in plain text so that you can use the resources as you see fit with parents, community and staff members.
MCCS Resources
SBAC Resources
What Montana School Leaders (SAM Members) are Saying about MCCS 
Click HERE for Great Falls Superintendent Tammy Lacey's comments about why she is excited about the MCCS
Click HERE for Lewistown Curriculum Director Scott Dubbs' views on increased student achievement 
Click HERE for Evergreen Superintendent Laurie Barron's description of the positive learning opportunities using the MCCS
June 3, 2014... AASA released a report from a recent survey you may be interested in: Common Core and Other State Standards: Superintendents Feel Optimism, Concern and Lack of Support. This report’s findings echo the position AASA has taken on Common Core: we need to slow down to get it right.

 The survey’s key findings included:

  • Superintendents overwhelmingly (92.5 percent) see the new standards as more rigorous than previous standards.
  • More than three quarters (78.3 percent) agree that the education community supports the standards, but that support drops to 51.4 percent among the general public.
  • Nearly three quarters of the respondents (73.3 percent) agree that the political debate has gotten in the way of the implementation of the new standards.
  • Nearly half (47 percent) say their input was never requested in the decision to adopt or develop new standards or in planning the implementation. (Not the case in Montana)
  • More than half (60.3 percent) of the respondents who had begun testing say they are facing problems with the tests. (Not the case in Montana)
  • Just under half (41.9 percent) say schools in their states are not ready to implement the online assessment, while 35.9 percent say they lack the infrastructure to support online assessments.  (Not the case in Montana)

 The results from the survey demonstrate that districts are working with limited resources to implement the new, more rigorous standards, despite technology deficits, a dearth of quality professional development materials for school personnel and a challenging national debate. These results reinforce the AASA position that the standards will be a positive change, if districts are given the necessary time and funding to properly implement the new standards and assessments. 

May 1, 2014 .... Our Montana administrators were approached with questions about the CCSS as written by an Oklahoma parent in a publication called the OkieBlaze.  So much mis-information is being promoted by so many groups, that we reviewed this publication and Deputy Superintendent, Dennis Parman has provided  answers to the questions that were raised.   Click HERE to read these insightful responses to the continued scare tactics being used by the Anti-CCSS out of state organizers. 
Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium notifies members states that the SBAC Field Test window start date has been delayed one week to March 25, 2014.  Click HERE to read more. 
MT-PEC reviews SBAC Opt-Out letter being presented to schools in Montana.  Click HERE to read more about MT-PEC's thoughts on this issue. 

Launching the Montana Digital Professional Learning Network

MEA-MFT has been actively involved in helping schools and educators across the state implement Montana’s new Common Core State Standards. 

We’re working in partnership with the Montana Digital Academy, School Administrators of Montana, and the Office of Public Instruction. Our goal is to help schools implement the standards smoothly and on Montana’s terms. 
With an Innovation Fund grant from the American Federation of Teachers, this partnership recently launched the Montana Digital Professional Learning Network.  The Network is bringing online professional development to educators all across the state. It’s also helping districts get ready for the new online test that will be used across Montana next year.
Watch this short video for more information:

Some tips for addressing the Anti-Common core messages that are being spread to communities in Montana -- Click HERE
The Standards - read to determine if this is what we want our Montana children to know, understand and be able to do...
Link to English/Language Arts Standards in Administrative Rules of Montana 
Link to Math Standards in Administrative Rules of Montana
MCEL Presentations and other Information - review to determine the facts and separate from the myths.  What would our Montana communities want our children to learn ...
Link to Messaging Tips developed by Dennis Parman for the CCSS Myths and Facts Presentation at MCEL:
Link to PowerPoint presentation developed by Dennis Parman for the CCSS Myths and Facts Presentation at MCEL:
(Best used if you attended the session, others not there may not find they are prepared to use this)
Link to side-by-side talking points on the flyer produced by Anti-Common Core advocates
Link to A Data Quality Campaign - Myth Busters white paper related to the 'data mining' myth
Click HERE to review Columbus Superintendent, Allan Sipes' suggestions for reviewing the CCSS.
Click HERE to read what 21 of Montana's Teachers of the Year, with over 500 years of teaching experience, have to say about CCSS.
Link to Wisconsin's analysis of the CCSS Myths and Facts
Link to the Montana Office of Public Instruction CCSS Resources webpage
Click HERE to see the latest information on the Common Core produced by the NSBA Center for Public Education