META Technologist of the Year 
The Montana Educational Technologists Association (META) presents the Montana K-12 School Technologist of the Year Program. This award is established to recognize the fine achievements and successes of a Montana K-12 School Technologist (Tech Coordinator, Tech Director, Tech Specialist, etc) at the State level. Eligible candidates for this award must be 2016-17 META members. THIS NOMINATION FORM WILL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN IN JANUARY OF 2017.  
Mindy Obert, technologist at Big Timber School District for the past four years, was selected as the recipient of the prestigious 2016 Technologist of the Year. Mindy is a veteran educator, having a Bachelors degree in math, an endorsement in computer science and a Masters degree in educational leadership.  Mindy retired from education in 2011 after teaching math and computer science for 25 years, only to return after one year of retirement as a technology coordinator. 
Ms. Obert has been an influential member of the educational technology community for many years, dating back to before META’s inception.  Her peers recognize her as an inspirational leader whose efforts have resulted in a significant rise in the collective professional development of the META organization.  Her team-oriented approach to leadership has had state-wide impact and has enabled the association to share and utilize new approaches and implement innovative solutions for educational technology in Montana schools.  Mindy readily embraces new methodologies and has dedicated much of her time to the appropriate support and use of technology for what really matters:  educating the students of Montana.